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Thu, 26 July, 2018 16.32

Pro. Freelance Makeup Artist: Rose Marie Gunnarsson. Malmö, Sweden.

Makeup, Hår och Hudvård Vad Som Helst, När Som Helst, Var Som Helst!

Makeup, Hair & Skincare Whatever, Whenever, Wherever you want!

Jag kommer att utföra er makeover I bekvämligheten av ert eget hem eller vald destination!

RMG Beauty Makeup currently has more than 700 dermo/cosmetics & hair products, of diverse & most prestigious brands, available to its customers. All makeup services include skin preparation or skin care treatments with the purpose to enhance skin health optimizing outstanding makeup result.

RMG Beauty Makeup Mission: Work everyday providing a personalized and excellent service in makeup and skin care. Adapted to customers faces and needs; that enhance the natural beauty of each person, through the proper use of references, makeup techniques and use of world wide recognized cosmetics, by professional makeup artists, able to provide solutions for all skin types, ages, races and gender. Granting versatile and beautiful looks.
Along with, prioritize the skin care, using dermocosmetics products, which reinforce the beauty and health of the skin.
RMG Beauty Makeup Vision: Promote the natural and individual beauty of each person through the correct use of makeup and skin care. Spreading customized beauty solutions; preventing discrimination based in beauty stereotypes.
Continue using, only worldwide recognized and authorized cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics and dermatological brand products. Which have a strict corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, where they stand non animal testing. Also offering products with advanced technologies that favour skin care and outstanding looks!
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