Vivianne Westwood - Red Label Spring

Wed, 25 September, 2013 8.00

Inspiration från Vivienne Westwoods  "Red Label Spring – Sommar 2014".

Såhär skriver ABC News om showen.
"The metaphor was the dance of the red shoes," she said after the show, adding that she believed humans are trapped in a destructive path toward disaster, like the dancer trapped by her shoes in the macabre Hans Christian Anderson fable.

"I just use fashion as an excuse to talk about politics," she said. Activism and fashion aren't in conflict for her, she added. "Because I'm a fashion designer, it gives me a voice, which is really good."

The designs that followed Cole's performance — one in which she leapt and spun around in an ethereal gray gown, bathed in red light — carried through with the theme. One model, for example, wore a climate change slogan T-shirt under a metallic brocade tube dress, and there were giant fabric flowers and green floral prints to reference nature.

To drive the point home, all models wore exaggerated, frightening zombie-like makeup, which Westwood said resembled animals caught in car headlights.

The show features frightening black, white and red zombie like make up meant to resemble animals caught in car headlights.

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