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Min favorit från höst/vinter-2013

Mandelformade naglar med pailsley mönstrade "nail-wraps" (finns nu att köpa på M.U.S)

undersidan av nageln lackade vi med guldskimmmer.

Make up by Olle

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Tue, 15 September, 2020 13.42
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Thu, 30 April, 2015 12.29
Bman: I went to college (La Tech)to be a pilot(professional aviation). I’d say chase the dream!!! The view from 3000′ is phenomenal. The noise and wind inundates you. At my size the Cessna 152 is QUITE small, and very uncomfortable to fly, but as soon as the engine starts to whine, all the discomfort is forgotten. If you have any of the concerns that Jim describes, you still have powered flight options! They’re cheaper and just as fun! Buy and fly an ultralight aircraft!!!FAR 103 covers powered ultralight aircraft. There are no training, physical, or licensing rquirements.(I WOULD NOT ADVISE ANYONE TO EVER ATTEMPT TO FLY ANY AIRCRAFT WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING!!!)You could also look into light sport aircraft which was a change instituted in 2004 by FAA (courtesy of Experimental association). It doesn’t require medical approval, either. Basically, if you can get a driver license, you can get a light sport pilot license.If you dream of powered flight – I can promise you’ll never regret it! As an aside (I was at the air & space museum (Smithsonian) for the 100th anniversary(exact moment) of powered flight.) It was great. I met descendents of wilbur & orville – and more importantly – Charles Taylor…(any other airplane nerds know who he is? don’t cheat by googling). I found out that the wright flyer is original except for the fabric. They cut them up into pieces and gave them as souveniers, and sold some of them to continue funding flight ops.Sadly – some raging assholes flew planes into the world trade center and ended my hopes of being a professional pilot, by putting many experienced pilots out of work, thus creating a backlog that’d take years to overcome flying chicken transports out of honduras at 15k a year. I had a few kids by this time (4 of 6) and couldn’t afford the paycut. I was already working as a mechanic for Delta, so I just rode that pony til I ran out of quarters.

Thu, 30 April, 2015 10.52
same here:how do you keep it all together,when all you can do is cry?What words are ever appropriate,for expressing such a sad goodbye…How does one continue,with a life of shattered dreams?You never know if you’ve got it in you.Until it falls apart at the seams.When you feel the magnitude,of that fateful blow, within.You find out in a moment,if you’ve got the will to win. Will you survive through the pain?No matter what the cost,or give in to the hurt.And die with what you’ve lost?It’s never going to be easy.At times you’ll wish to die.But these times are the turning point,If only, you choose to survive.The sadness will overcome you.It will seem too much to bear.But remember, through the loneliness.there are those who care.If not a mother or a father,Then, a brother or a friend.Or seek the comfort of a loveror the solitude within.Whatever makes you wake each day,even through the sorrow.Will help you make it through the night,and see another tomorrow.I have no platitudes to offer,I cannot bear your load.But, I offer my strength to hold you up.On this long and painful road.The key to making it through this time.Is remembering your life, not to dread.But look at each day, like your very last.And live today, not the days ahead.If you can survive through the nights.And I promise they’ll seem longer.Each day which does not destroy you.Will only make you stronger.

Wed, 29 April, 2015 18.02
I have no doubt this would be an insane amount of information to try and assemble…solo. We aint solo tho and I bet we all have particular talents/interests that could help us build a library of sorts.When I started thinking about it I wanted a hyperlink list for all the basics but quickly discovered the bulk of it is assembled into books, not online. Not all of it though as I’ve found a ton on canning, raising livestock, etc online in pdf form. County farm extensions are amazing sources of free information. I imagine there are a lot more in that vein, don’t you think?Imagine a supercategory list along the lines of Food, Power, Water, Farming, Waste, Engines, and Communications. Each Supercategory could be broken down by specialty then those delineated by type of resource, books or free information, personal knowledge, etc.The most difficult to assemble might be information on utility grids, landline phone maintanance, and public water supply. Most however, I bet we could find and continually refine if we wanted to.I agree, its a large undertaking. Its too much to ask of Brad or RD but as this blog has morphed into what it has, maybe we could do it ourselves. One last thing. I really don’t expect the world to end tomorrow,lol. I just think as we get closer to the almost certain showdown with Iran, I get nervous. As i watch the Norks and Chinese develop weapons more suited to EMP blasts than nuclear annihilation, I grow uneasy. And as I watch what will likely be another critical intervention as the Bond and debt issuance go out of control and our currency fades…well, you get the idea. Ok, I’ll put away my tinfoil hat now…

Wed, 29 April, 2015 16.41
I don’t no where else to share this but it’s “one of those days” to those who have lost a child…IN MY SOLITUDE by:S**** / NotaIn my solitude,I feel so at home.In the winter of my soul,I have felt so alone.I’ve seen the very best,which this life has to offer.And I’ve been to the depth,any human can suffer.When my soul is disturbed,and my life seems frenetic.I return to my safe place,where my soul is replenished.I do my best to hold my head,and carry my load.Though I stumble some times,on this arduous road.I fight the curse, which I have carried,Through this journey of life.I’ve got my beautiful kids,And the most amazing wife.I lost sight of what’s important,when I put you in the ground.Through the grief of losing you,I can’t explain the strength I’ve found.I have shed so many tears,I can’t believe I’m still around.But, the joy we find in life,Is something deep and so profound.That we could never feel it,if we hadn’t known the pain.We would never feel relief,if we hadn’t felt the strain.Though the tears I’ve shed are plenty,and the joys I’ve felt are few.The anguish seems to be the well,from which, my strength I drew…In my solitude.

Wed, 22 April, 2015 10.15
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Thu, 16 April, 2015 17.25
Brad, I bet that survival guide is going to be a hell of a reference work. When we were talking before I also suggested something that I haven’t had the balls to bring up in here. I still think its a great idea but I feel guilty not being able to devote the time to contribute properly.For the rest of you that weren’t at the bar with Brad and I that night, here goes.I was telling him that the Revo had become a reference source for a lot of us. Not just for mental artillery in the fight against these damned statists but also in regarding guns, finance, etc.brad and I have a dread fear of financial or EMP armageddon crashing the system and destroying the distribution chain. the question for those suffering in that horrific scenario would immediately become How do we Survive, but hen, very soon, HOW DO WE REBUILD. How indeed. How many of you could build an angine, a water pump, could build a radio from scratch? Could you build a still to fuel a generator? Could you store your food, scavange for food, or bven know what was safe to eat? Could you plant, harvest, and process grains? Would you even HAVE grains to plant? I think you get the idea. Together, with our computers having access to all the infirmation we need this all seems pretty simple. Well, imagine if you didn’t have access to the Net, or electricity, transportation, or water, etc. We’d be royally fucked. Now, anyone that HAD the information on how to rebuild would be a king and a saviour to his community. his family would survive. he, along with the few others that had specialized knowledge could slowly try and return things to at least acceptable levels. I’d like to BE one of those people, and I bet you would too.Trouble is, WHERE is all that information concentrated?I suggested we concentrate it HERE. I suggested we fire up a running reader contribution link (or something) that could slowly but surely let us assemble the basics of electricity, farming, firearms, water, engine repair, canning, etc.I was drinking, yes, but it seemed like a damned fine idea frankly. An Encyclopedia Revoista that we could all copy from, print (hard copies would be necessary in a FUBAR scenario), and add to as we thought of new stuff we didn’t know. If it sounds a bit TinFoil Hat, sorry. I actually was always one to want to know how everything works long before I got old enough and paranoid enough to understand the larger world. yeah, this idea is one of those legendary “posts I started but never finished” but I really didn’t want to suggest it without RD or Brads blessing. Posting it front page would have been a bit…cheeky.What do you think? it it feasable or even worth pursuing?

Thu, 16 April, 2015 16.21
Bman, in addition to ultralights and light sport aircraft, sailplanes are a nice way to go in some areas. Down here in AZ, you can join a club with reasonable annual dues and “sign out” an aircraft to fly pretty much whenever you want. Sailplanes have a faster learning curve than powered aircraft, and experience flying sailplanes translates well into powered aircraft. You can also fly those things all day here in AZ … not a drop of fuel required after release from tow.For me, flying has always been more about being in the air and less about going from point to point. In my Air Force days, I soloed in a sailplane. I was about to solo in a plane before I stopped the powered lessons (medical red tape at the time). I switched to hang gliding (referred to as free flight or foot-launched flight) for quite a few years, and that was really more my style. I liked carrying my aircraft on my back (~60 lbs) and storing it on a ladder rack in my garage. I liked understanding every single bolt on my aircraft, and I liked being able to do a truly complete pre-flight check. I liked being able to buy a brand new aircraft for less than the cost of a used car. I especially liked the feeling of complete and utter freedom while in the air. I was not “in” the aircraft, I WAS the aircraft. No claustrophobic cockpit. What a feeling to thermal up over 13000 feet and fly over the back of a majestic mountain range.I gave up the hang gliding when I nearly killed myself on a steep mountain launch. For those of you that don’t believe in God … a near death experience followed by a miraculous save all the while KNOWING that God was in the glider with me that day would have cured me from a lifetime of atheism. I would like to emphasize that the incident was completely due to pilot stupidity, and I believe hang gliding is inherently safe as long as you are properly instructed, current, and flying within your capabilities.I still think about free flight often and long to be back in the air. I have a little powered harness that converts a hang glider into a foot-launched ultralight, and I might one day take to the skies again.

Thu, 16 April, 2015 11.33
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Fri, 13 March, 2015 21.01
Perfekt tolkning och helt uenrdbar vy.Har suttit ett tag he4r och njutit av din ff6rstorade bild. Den fe5r mig att le4ngta tillbaka, se5 nu tf6rs jag inte titta mer...

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