Make-Up Store - Rymlig fin sminkväska säljes!

Tue, 10 March, 2015 14.43

Säljer min fina sminkväska från Make-Up Store. Har för många! Storlek: ca 47X35 cm. Axelrem. Mycket lättvikt. 

OBS! Endast väska, inga produkter.
Nypris: 2650kr, Pris 1000;- via bank, eller swish, eller kontant. 

Väskan är i Stockholm men kan skicka mot portotillägg.

Den är i fint skick. Uppdelad i 3 sektioner varav varje sektion innehåller flera fack i både plast och tyg. Tillhörande penseletui/fack som kan tas ur väskan, eller fästas i den. 
Länk till YouTube tutorial/demo av väskan:


Color Theory - "Färglära" - important tool of the trade for make-up artists

Tue, 29 April, 2014 14.45

When I went to makeup school 25 years ago, I was taught some color theory - the basics. At the time there was much focus on defining people as "winter, spring, summer or fall" and choosing the right colours from them based on that. As I rather quickly ended up in fashion industry make-up, colour theory did not seem as important to me at the time. I didn't think twice about it really, seeing as a lot of make-up choices could be either rather bold, or completely in disregard of what actually "suited" the model in an every-day kind of way.

Knowledge regarding matching foundations and concealing obviously came to me over the years through experience, as did choices of eyeshadow colors to match or contrast eye-colors but I must admit my interest in (and respect of) color theory is very recent. Partially due to the wonderful attempts of make-up artist Kevin J Bennett to educate his fellow make-up artist colleagues by stressing the importance of mastering color theory. And also though his many posts on Facebook and sessions at various IMATS, trade shows around the world.

I've found it's a great way to define and arrange my color-knowledge, to finally understand WHY some colors look good together, other than just "knowing" they look good!
Here is a fabulous link about color theory make-up 101, that every make-up artist should master  :) Make-Up Color Theory

Also, lovely pictures I found on Beautylish awhile back:

Now go color away! :)

Have a wonderful spring in Stockholm, or wherever you are! 

Fantastiska behållare för smink foundation osv

Mon, 2 September, 2013 19.14

I recently came upon a discussion here about make-up cases, pencil cases, and other various ways of storing and transporting make-up in order to keep your kit clean, and neat.

Besides the nice looking pencil rolls at Kreatima on Kungsgatan, which can be used for eye liners, lip liners, etc. They come in beige and black and retail at next to nothing. I think it was 100-200 Skr.

I got the idea from the Make-Up Artist Magazine "What'sInYourKit" section on Kevin J Bennett, who'd organized his pens and liners really nicely! His obviously looks more cushioned, satin-like and fancy but ... ;) See below:

I also wanted to share with you some gorgeous looking palettes and cases I'm drooling for that can be found at: Vueset

 Have a nice evening!

Latest experimental fun!

Tue, 13 August, 2013 12.09

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