IMATS London here we come

Thu, 3 May, 2018 11.52

Yay, nu är det snart dags att packa väskan inför ett par masterclass dagar under IMATS, och självklart tid att snoka runt, prova nya produkter, införskaffa det allra senaste och njuta av några intensiva dagar i London! 

Har varit på IMATS tidigare så denna gång har jag mer koll, dvs bor relativt nära så jag slipper resa långt efteråt när man är helt slut, och har dessutom lyckats få biljett till en underbar masterclass med Emmy-nominerade Sara Seidman Vance om ljussättning & smink. Har ju jobbat med detta i många år men vill alltid lära mig MERA - värdefullt i kommunikationen med fotografer/bildproducenter osv. 

Mer om kursen


Sara Seidman Vance is an Emmy-nominated make-up artist who started as a performer. She has been featured in several magazines, as well as “Mazel Tov! The Complete Book of Jewish Weddings” by Lea Bayer. Vance has been in the film and TV industries for over 30 years; she was make-up artist for Katie Holmes during the first three seasons of Dawson’s Creek. And she is considered one of the leading industry experts on make-up in the high definition arena. She teaches the nuances of light and make-up techniques and how to effectively adjust make-up for complex lighting situations. Vance is also known for her skill in corrective make-up application.

Ska även gå en annan kurs, hoppa in på en massa föreläsningar, och shoppa massor så klart!

Hör av er till mig om ni också ska dit! Roligt att sammanstråla eller äta lunch ihop emellan varven! 


MAC's Terry Barber - demo and thoughts at IMATS London

Thu, 25 July, 2013 16.03

Terry Barber, Director of make-up artistry at M.A.C. was one of the many speakers at IMATS London 2013. He spoke of trends and the "natural beauty" of women. In other words, leaving shadows under eyes, not correcting too much, and generally working away from correcting everything was what he called "genuine, soulful, beauty."

Some of his habits for the curious: He likes using a flat big brush for eyebrows, never powders 'til the end to avoid smearing stuff off his hands onto the face by mistake, he likes doing eye makeup with a pencil (M.A.C chromagraphic pencils for example), and then using a M.A.C. 219 pencil brush to "smoke out" his pencil work (smudging it). Thus creating a make-up look similar to what it would look like after half a day, according to him. "It looks lived in. Real," Terry enthused. 

He spoke of inspiration from photographers like Peter Lindberg (big in the 80's-90's): "dirty and robust but beautiful" Google images for "peter lindbergh fashion photography" and you'll see what he's talking about. Terry likes keeping things very basic, and demonstrated a smudged purple eye make-up. On the Lids. Crease. Under the eye. He advocated not thinking of the different parts of the eye as separate entities while applying make-up or planning a look. "Don't think lid, socket, eye," he said, it's now all about the whole eye look.

I wasn't really sure what he meant all of the time, since I felt he was just using different terminology for something that existed already but I certainly agree that it's nice to "keep it real". I've never been a fan of creating an entirely new face for a person, instead of tweaking the one they have - unless we are talking about a fashion look, extreme make-up or creative outbursts for an editorial story. Nevertheless I was glad to hear someone with a rep in the industry embracing the possibility of women perhaps not being expected to look immaculate, perfectly re-created, and unreal ALL the time - even when it comes to fashion LOL. ;)

Images from his lecture: 

The obligatory IMATS "Haul"

Thu, 27 June, 2013 12.29

My IMATS haul -
temptu pro airbrush foundation and concealer palette (in order to compare to Airbase)
MAC orange corrector
MUFE HD foundations
MUFE face and body foundations (waterproof or at least resistant)
MUFE Aqua seal (sets and waterproofs all powder makeup/ glitter/shimmers)
MUFE waterproof lip liners, eye pens, and lip colors, aqua cream (yep brides and celebrities need to keep makeup on)
Duo eyelash glue
Eve Pearl small  thumb palette for mixing colors
Eve Pearl trifold razor for trimming eyebrows
Beauty blender sponge (sheer curiosity to see what the hype is about)
Kryolan interferenz cream palette (fantastic for crazier stuff but also for adding shimmer or highlights to face, lips...)
OCC lip tars
disposable mascara wands and lip brushes to give away for brides
Kett Cosmetics wax-based foundations (a few more that I didn't have)
Eldora individual eyelashes, pack of 8 for 15pounds!
Royal Langnickel brush apron/roll with more space(!)
MUFE big brush pouch (Danni's pounch) for quick set up on the job and transportation.
Boat load of brushes!! ranging from 3-6 pounds each. 

A lot of the products I've worked with but many are things I was curious about and wanted to compare to my other tried and tested products. 

They also had the BBU palette (Bobbi Brown) but in the end I resisted the urge. Perhaps they'll make a new one by the time my RCMA creams are finished... Perhaps not. 

Also passed up the new handy concealer corrector palettes from MAC as well as their lip palettes... felt like it was a bit too pricey even with discount, compared to the amount of product... Feel free to correct me if you feel otherwise. Here or inbox me!

Wishing you a lovely afternoon!

IMATS London 2013 - experience

Wed, 26 June, 2013 15.29

So, as some of you know the International  Make-Up Artist Trade Show is hosted in various cities around the world every year. I think Sydney, Toronto, LA, New York and London. Please let me know if you have any practical questions regarding attending, prices and how it all works.

This was my first IMATS so I was quite excited. The Pro-Only Hours were on the Friday June 21st. Lots of space to go see all the vendors, compare products and plan purchases. Saturday and Sunday the event was open to the public which means it was filled with make-up loving bloggers, pros, and everything in-between! 

Unfortunately I was only there for Friday and Saturday and missed out on some great lectures/workshops on Sunday. I would recommend staying for the entire three days. Pro Day for shopping without the masses, and the weekend to suck up tips, experiences, and knowledge from all the speakers. 

I was a bit disappointed that the discounts remained unchanged on the public days as well, meaning there was no additional discount for us pro's who do a LOT of make-up shopping (!) compared to other make-up lovers, bloggers, etc. And although they do have to pay for their tickets, that doesn't really balance out the lack of extra promised discounts to the pros (in the IMATS marketing). I did meet lots of make-up artists from other countries, some who had attended IMATS in LA, who said pro prices were at 50% of the prices during the "public" days.

Brands such as MAC and Make-up Forever offered the equivalent of their regular pro discounts, so purchases there are not worth it unless you live in Sweden ;) The MAC store at NK, Stockholm recently started offering the MAC pro discount, but with taxes being what they are on cosmetics in Sweden... I only plan on making emergency purchases here, and stocking up when traveling in NYC or London. Guru Emporium for example offered no particular discounts at least on Kett wax-based foundations compared to their online prices. On the other hand shipping and customs fees to Sweden are quite pricey.

The best things about IMATS London 2013 was the chance to get all the vendors on one spot, look around, be inspired by the various pictures, models, colours, and products all around, as well as the lectures, Q&A sessions and demonstrations during the weekend. The speaker sessions mostly overlapped so it was quite difficult to prioritize as one ended up missing a lot of information from those one left early/came late to. In many cases the beauty/fashion topics ran parallel to 
theatre/sfx topics which is often good as many times you will be interested in one or the other. I for one, would have loved to attend ALL of them!

I will definitely be attending another IMATS in the future, mainly to soak up as much info as possible. Säg till om du har frågor angående praktiska detaljer eller annat gällande IMATS. Så kan jag dela det jag vet i alla fall!

Rekommenderas varmt! :-)
Lite då och då - om du är ett mycket erfaren proffs (mycket information var bekant, och vissa föreläsningar är riktade mot nyare muor med tips och hur man skaffar sig en agentur osv) eller om du behöver göra inköp och ändå befinner dig utomlands. Då kan man ändå komma in gratis. Med Pro Gold Card kortet kommer du in gratis alla dagar och slipper köa.  Oftare - om du är i startgroparna, då skulle jag säga att det är värt pengarna! Med vanliga Pro Card kortet kommer du in gratis på pro eventet (tror jag) men inte på de publika dagarna. mer info på:


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