MAC's Terry Barber - demo and thoughts at IMATS London

Thu, 25 July, 2013 16.03

Terry Barber, Director of make-up artistry at M.A.C. was one of the many speakers at IMATS London 2013. He spoke of trends and the "natural beauty" of women. In other words, leaving shadows under eyes, not correcting too much, and generally working away from correcting everything was what he called "genuine, soulful, beauty."

Some of his habits for the curious: He likes using a flat big brush for eyebrows, never powders 'til the end to avoid smearing stuff off his hands onto the face by mistake, he likes doing eye makeup with a pencil (M.A.C chromagraphic pencils for example), and then using a M.A.C. 219 pencil brush to "smoke out" his pencil work (smudging it). Thus creating a make-up look similar to what it would look like after half a day, according to him. "It looks lived in. Real," Terry enthused. 

He spoke of inspiration from photographers like Peter Lindberg (big in the 80's-90's): "dirty and robust but beautiful" Google images for "peter lindbergh fashion photography" and you'll see what he's talking about. Terry likes keeping things very basic, and demonstrated a smudged purple eye make-up. On the Lids. Crease. Under the eye. He advocated not thinking of the different parts of the eye as separate entities while applying make-up or planning a look. "Don't think lid, socket, eye," he said, it's now all about the whole eye look.

I wasn't really sure what he meant all of the time, since I felt he was just using different terminology for something that existed already but I certainly agree that it's nice to "keep it real". I've never been a fan of creating an entirely new face for a person, instead of tweaking the one they have - unless we are talking about a fashion look, extreme make-up or creative outbursts for an editorial story. Nevertheless I was glad to hear someone with a rep in the industry embracing the possibility of women perhaps not being expected to look immaculate, perfectly re-created, and unreal ALL the time - even when it comes to fashion LOL. ;)

Images from his lecture: 


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