Review Maybelline Volum'Express BigEyes Mascara

Mon, 9 June, 2014 23.30

This might sound weird but I am not a really big fan of falsies... At all actually! e011.png

I know I know... They complete a look and blah blah blah... But in Singapore I met so many girls addicted to them who had NO real lashes left anymore (that glue that you use kind of harms your real lashes) and had to use falsies all the time e107.png.

The only time I actually had some on was when I did this part-time job as a fashion hostess... I had to wear falsies. And when I took them off, lots of my own lashes went off as well e107.png

As a result, I am always looking for a really good mascara that would give me wonderful long and voluminous lashes. 

Since my favorite mascara used to be the CatEye Effect from Maybelline, I decided to give this one a go. And I e327.png it! 

+ Long and voluminous dramatic lashes

+ Perfect to complete any fancy look or just as it is for a natural yet striking eye-look

+ Long-lasting 

+Easy to remove


- Sometimes clumpy

- Sometimes reallyyyyy clumpy! e107.png

So to sum it up, right now it is my favorite out of the ones I own. I don't mind the clumps and chunks that much since their existence depends on how well I apply the mascara. It definitely gives me bigger eyes and I use the small end for the tiny lashes in the corners that I cannot reach. 

Check out my video here for a full review where I talk (yeah... I cant stand my own voice on camera e404.png

* Obligatoriska fält

Sat, 21 June, 2014 19.33
Aleo mihitsjy mascara alony hatrizao ka☺️
Sun, 22 June, 2014 20.37
Iry Randrasana
Yup yup! :)

Tue, 10 June, 2014 15.49
As I am, I prefer mascara! It's better and easy to use.
Tue, 10 June, 2014 18.24
Iry Randrasana
I agree! :) I mean, falsies are not that hard to put on either but I still prefer mascara! Any recommandation?

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