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International Makeup Artist Beverly McColgan uses Airbase’s 00 porcelain for a striking piece of work commissioned by

Swedish by  

Label Nor Autonom  who’s Brief was  “pull of power; of strength and restraint.”  We discussed Michelangelo’s David for the colour and reflection of alabaster skin. Airbase had only just released  00 porcelain and I was determined to use it on the shoot, as the client wanted a marble feel that was also translucent. I explained the added benefits that the make-up will last on the skin even with constant changes in costume. Photographer Mathias Sterner joined creative forces with
 Nicolas Richard we all worked together slowly building up the base to get the exact level of light reflection after a few tests with 00, we were all happy with the opacity and light reflection . I sculpted the existing muscular contours on  Mikas model Lucas ,with Airbase ebony 06 .

The result, the male form is presented as a “fetishised body, a classic and kinky beauty.”

Photography Mathias Sterner @ Mink Management


Makeup Designer Beverly McColgan @

Beverly teaches internationally for  &

00 Airbase Porcelain the palest most beautiful foundation

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