What is Airbrushing?

Sat, 7 September, 2013 21.00

What is Airbrushing?

The most perfect makeup Invention ... ever!

Airbrush makeup makeup is Sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers or other methods. It has become more popular with the advent of high-definition video and television (HD). 

Traditional powder or liquid based makeups can settle and be seen in pores and wrinkles and there fore be visible on HD movie ... But when airbrush makeup is applied it connects with the skin as micro-dots of make-up making it less visible than when Conventionally applied with a sponge or fingers. It isn't rubbed into the skin and does not exaggerate the pores. The airbrush process allows the makeup to cover better while enabling your skin to breathe.

It is Sprayed on as a fine mist of color gently covering the skin to give the appearance of a flawless and natural complexion. Airbrushing is far more hygienic than Conventional make-up application as there is no touching of skin, it's application is fast and easy-to-use and fantasy and special effects can be created by freehand afterwards.

Why do we need airbrushing on video and TV?

HDTV picks ups absolutely every imperfection!

Hi-Definition Television (HDTV) displays everything as though you were looking through a magnifying glass Which means That every pore and blemish is more visual. While standard television display 330 lines of resolution, HDTV displays either 720 or 1080 lines, each broken up into hundreds of tiny pixels. As a result of this Increased definition, make-up artistry is subject to more scrutiny than ever before but as an airbrush lays down the makeup in a dot pattern that's so similar to the way the camera reads the face, it gives artists working in this field a supreme advantage.

What are the advantages of airbrush makeup?

Flawless Ɩ Light weight Ɩ Long lasting Ɩ Hypo-allergenic Ɩ Fast and easy Ɩ Non-comodogenic

 A true airbrush foundation is high in coverage but thin in texture, offering a high-opacity or full coverage application that's dispersed sheerly and evenly with the result being perfect-looking skin that's Achieved with a minimum of product and time. The spray dot-pattern the airbrush places on the skin registers less on camera than the patterns and trace lines That brushes and sponges leave behind. However invisible these marks may appear to the naked eye, they can be quite noticeable when your client's face is shown in HDTV close-up or in a High Resolution Digital Photo.

While other advantages include speed of application, longevity, and durability, the true advantage of airbrush makeup is the beautiful finished result it produces.  Something else to ponder!

Airbrush can be used to cover five o'clock shadows for men. Airbrush makeup is also available for eye shadow, blush, eyebrows and lips and can be layered, shaded, highlighted and contoured.

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Sun, 8 September, 2013 11.39
Beverly McColgan
Hi such a great response to my posts thank you . I'm so excited to be sharing my experiences.

Sun, 8 September, 2013 8.44
Excited to read about this. Would love to se some pictures on your work in progress!
Sun, 8 September, 2013 11.35
Beverly McColgan
I will post some background shots soon but I'm a little camera shy.

Sun, 8 September, 2013 8.26
Interesting! But sounds really advanced. Is this just for proffessionals or can I use this at home?
Sun, 8 September, 2013 11.37
Beverly McColgan
When I first started with Airbase in the UK it was only marketed for professionals, I used to demonstrate on at IMATS London, but now the biggest market in home use.

Sat, 7 September, 2013 23.50
So excited to learn more about this amazing technique.
Sun, 8 September, 2013 11.38
Beverly McColgan
Well keep reading and I will post often about my techniques, new products and my training courses.

Till bloggens startsida

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